What’s the difference between the windows10 professional and flagship versions? Which system version is good to install windows10 on your computer

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There are many versions of the win10 system, and each version has different features. Among them, the flagship and mainstream versions are the versions with the largest number of users. So what is the difference between Win10 Professional and Win10 Flagship? What is the better version to install on a computer in general? Today to give you a detailed description.

What is the difference between the win10 professional and the flagship versions?
1. functional differences: Win10 flagship version than the professional version has three more features, respectively, Bitlocker, Bitlocker To Go and a multi-language interface;
2. the difference in use: the flagship version is the most comprehensive and powerful of all versions, occupying the system resources and a large number of background services for high-end users and software enthusiasts; and Win10 Professional Edition is mainly for business users and enthusiasts, to meet office needs, including enhanced network functions, network backup and location-aware printing and other features;
3. security differences: the flagship version is more secure and stable than the professional version.

Which system version is better to install Win10 on your computer
1. the difference in the use of the way. The system’s flagship version of Win10 is fully functional; it is the version with the most features and also the version that takes up the most memory, with more background processes, which is most suitable for some computer developers to use.
2. the professional version of the function will be relatively less; the professional version is mainly used for office needs and can be more to meet the corporate users and some personal enthusiasts.
3, security differences. In terms of security, of course, the flagship version is more secure and stable than the professional version.

Windows 10 flagship computer system is more suitable for general home users. It takes up less memory, is more powerful, and has higher security.

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