What is the difference between web hosting and VPS, and how to choose?

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First of all, virtual private server (VPS) hosting is the use of virtual server software to create multiple small servers isolated from each other on a single physical server. These small servers are the so-called VPS, which has its independent operating system and runs and manages precisely like a standalone server.


  1. It can ensure that all resources are exclusively for the user, allowing the user to enjoy the quality of service of a dedicated server at the price of a web host.
  2. Each VPS can be assigned an independent public IP address, independent operating system, independent mega space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution of programs, separate system configuration, etc. Users can allocate multiple virtual hosts and unlimited enterprise mailboxes but also have the function of an independent server, which can install programs and restart the server separately.

Disadvantage: The disadvantage is that different VPS of the same physical server will affect each other, the performance is limited by the configuration of a single server, and there is no root or super administrator OS permission.

Next, virtual hosting is a natural physical server host divided into multiple logical storage units, each unit has no physical entity, but each logical storage unit can work on the network like a natural physical host; each virtual host has an independent domain name and complete Internet server functionality.
Advantages: virtual hosts are entirely independent of each other; even on the same hardware, and the same operating system, you can run multiple users and open different server programs without interfering with each other

Disadvantages: The disadvantages of virtual hosting are more pronounced; if a physical host fails, then all the websites on that server are inaccessible.

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