What are the uses of VPS? You should know the main uses of these eight types of VPS.

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What is the use of VPS?

VSP (Virtual Private Server), known as a virtual private server, splits a server into multiple virtual private servers. Many people will compare VPS and cloud servers, but both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and there are many different discussions on the Internet, so I won’t go into them here. This article mainly shares with you the various uses of VSP, which can be used to host websites, directional agents, private VPNs, FTP software downloads, etc. The following is a more detailed description of these uses, so if you are interested in this, continue to read on.

1. Hosting website
It is the most common cloud server, itself set up a LAMP, download a WordPress can run, some Hosting providers themselves provide a mirror also equipped with a website management control panel, the door to building a website dropped sharply, if you have a surplus of VPS in hand, you can build a blog site.

2. Reverse proxy
The ability to hide the back-end server, squid and varnish is a very perfect use. For everyone’s small website or a small blog, a reverse proxy is more efficient than CDN. The first time we browse a URL, reverse proxy and CDN must go to the source server to get resources, and then back to the client, which must consume a certain amount of time. CDN because of more connection points, because of the small amount of browsing, the customer browsing resources in the connection point does not have a cache file, resulting in every browse must go to the source station to read the data, which will spend a lot of time than immediate browsing. The reverse proxy is similar to a connection point, and the accuracy of the cached files is higher. In addition to the acceleration, the reverse proxy server can have a large number of key management to improve the security of the site.

3.Private cloud (special tool)
Now there are many perfect cloud backup dedicated tools, such as Dropbox, but hosted by a third party, although they claim how awesome the data encryption is, always feel like a turtle in a jar. BTsync’s blockchain technology is designed to create a secure channel between several machines and devices, compared to Dropbox’s dedicated tool client. BTsync can receive and transmit data among several machines and devices at the same time, which is theoretically faster when the network bandwidth allows and is not affected by the server downtime on the server side (BTsync has no server side).

4.Private VPN
digital ocean build VPN is very simple, personally, a test can be used, as a key to build pptp\l2tp\openvpn, and try to give full play to the advantages of VPS resources.

5.Build personal mail server
Do you want to use your own website domain email, is that very awesome? The first thing you need to do is to do it yourself. Using VPS to build a SendMail mail server, sending more than 100,000 emails a day is not a problem. Don’t worry about some mail servers blocking you from day to day.

6.FTP software download station
If you are given a lot of electronic books, songs, and films and want to share resources with your buddies, why do not need VPS to build a software download station?

7. digging bitcoin litecoin
Nowadays, digital currency is boiling against the sky, if there are idle without VPS resources, you can consider installing software, and mining coins on the webserver to earn digital currency, note that many hosting space providers clearly indicate that this is not allowed, please consciously comply with this.

8.Build small and medium-sized servers
For example, Minecraft web server, retro legend server, CS networking web server, etc. A 64M running memory VPS can be used for what? The VPS can also be used to build a lamp natural environment to create a typecho blog, or put a static web page can create a small-scale reverse proxy to improve the site open speed can build a DNS recursive web server, used to avoid DNS pollution can hang probes actually overall large running memory VPS can do what small running memory VPS base can also do, but very easy to run out of memory VPS can also do. But it is very easy to run out of memory, or the same role must be done in other ways.

Of course, there are other uses for VSPs, but if you have idle vsp resources, you can put them to good use. I hope the above is helpful to you.

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