vpslot: France vps, 1 core/1G RAM/10G SSD hard drive/unlimited traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, $107.88/year

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How about vpslot? vpslot, a Dubai, UAE-based hosting provider founded in 2015, specializes in domain names, web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. Mainly sells Linux VPS in USA, UK, Russia, Singapore, Netherlands, Latvia, France, etc., windows VPS in UK nuclear USA, web hosting, dedicated servers, etc. Support PayPal, Bitcoin, and other payment methods.

vpslot official website.

France VPS packages.
Non-real-time opening, the official commitment is only 48 hours to open!

CPU Memory Hard disk Traffic Bandwidth IP Price Buy
1 core 1G 10G SSD unlimited 1Gbps 1pc $107.88/year direct access
2 cores 2G 15G SSD unlimited 1Gbps 1pc $17.99/month direct
4 Core 4G 25G SSD Unlimited 1Gbps 1pc $35.99/month Direct
4 Core 4G 25G SSD Unlimited 1Gbps 1pc $71.99/month Direct

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