vmiss: US high-end Unicom AS9929 line VPS, 500M bandwidth, $18/month, 1G memory/1 core/10gSSD/500G traffic

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Merchant Introduction
vmiss has officially launched the high-end line VPS of Los Angeles Unicom AS9929, and it still offers 30% discount, as low as $3.5 CAD/month, with minimum 200Mbps bandwidth and maximum 500Mbps bandwidth, supporting multiple payment methods. vmiss is committed to providing users with high-speed, ultra-low-priced overseas high-end line VPS, including Hong Kong CN2, Japan IIJ Korea CN2, USA CN2, USA AS9929 are available for selection.

Official website: https://vmiss.com

Merchant Discount Code
30% off coupon code: VMISS-30%OFF

Product Description
VPS features: KVM virtual, pure SSD raid10 array, 200~500Mbps bandwidth, comes with an IPv4

Memory CPU SSD Traffic Bandwidth Price
1G 1 core 10G 500G/month 200M $3.5 CAD/month
1G 1 core 15G 1.0T/month 200M $5.9 CAD/month
2G 1 core 20G 1.5TT/month 300M $11.2 CAD/month
2G 2-core 40G 2.5TT/month 500M 21 CAD/month
4G 2-core 80G 4.0T/month 500M $42/month

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The server is also a machine, not diligent backup is extremely irresponsible to their performance, please maintain good backup habits.

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