virtono: Halloween offer, 1 core/1GB RAM/30G SSD/1T traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, $31/year, 21 machine rooms available in Hong Kong, China/Singapore/Tokyo, Japan

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virtono released the latest 2022 Halloween offer, cloud server 1 core / 1GB memory / 30G SSD / 1T traffic / 1Gbps bandwidth, $ 30.95 / year; there is a 512 memory minimum with $ 2.49 / month, you can choose China Hong Kong / Singapore / Japan Tokyo and other 21 rooms.

What about Virtono, what about Virtono? This is a foreign VPS host established in 2014, providing VPS and server rentals and other products, including VPS based on KVM architecture, divided into three series of standard packages, large memory packages and sizeable hard disk VPS packages, the current merchants have the United States, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, New York, Montreal, Canada, Manchester, England, Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, Germany Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Sweden, Stockholm, Warsaw, Poland, Bucharest, Romania, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Serbia, and 21 other server rooms, and the merchant supports Alipay, PayPal, credit cards and other payment methods.

Virtono official website.

TREATS3110 Web Hosting Plan, 31.10% off VPS server

VPS Package
kvm-based virtual, SSD hard disk, 1G bandwidth, raid10 storage, custom iso support. 1 ipv4+1 ipv6. data centres available: Brussels/Serbia/USA/Netherlands/France/Germany/UK/Romania/Sweden/Spain/Poland/Singapore/HK/China/Canada/Tokyo/Japan

Memory CPU SSD Traffic Bandwidth Price Buy
512M 1 Core 15G 500G 100M $2.49/month Link
1G 1 core 30G 1T 1G $30.95/year Link
2G 1 core 50G 3T 1G $8.91/month Link
4G 2-core 80G 4T 1G $17.86/month Link
8G 4 core 160G 8T 1G $35.77/month Link
16G 8 core 320G 12T 1G $74.58/month Link
32G 16 core 640G 20T 1G $149.22/month Link
64G 32 core 1.2T 30T 1G $298.48/month Link


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