Unesty: Spring Sale, German High-Performance VPS, Windows Support, 12 Core AMD EPYC/36 GB DDR4-3200 ECC Memory/300 GB SSD Storage, 10Gbps Unlimited Traffic, Monthly Payment €20.00

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Recently German merchant Unesty released a spring promotion with a total of 5 active models; the machine room is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with 2 1Gbps unlimited traffic models, three 10Gbps bandwidth unlimited traffic, hardware with AMD EPYC™ + DDR4 ECC + NVMe SSD platform, free DDoS defense, all KVM virtual, support Windows system (you need to activate it yourself). Promotional VPS are available on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last.

How about Unesty, Unesty, a German merchant offering web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, etc? The VPS is based on KVM VPS, with data centers in New York, USA, Frankfurt, Germany, London, UK, etc., featuring 1Gbps ports, unlimited traffic, and AMD RYZEN processors.

Unesty: Spring promotion, German high-performance VPS, Windows support, 12 core AMD EPYC/36 GB DDR4-3200 ECC memory/300 GB SSD storage, 10Gbps unlimited traffic, monthly payment €20.00 Illustration

Official website

Germany VPS
KVM Virtualization, AMD Ryzen CPUs up to 4.0 – 4.7 GHz, can install Windows Server 2016-2022 , own license required.

CPU Memory Storage Bandwidth IP Price Buy
4 Core 9GB DDR4 75GB SSD 1 Gbps@unlimited 1 €3.75/month Direct
6 Core 18GB DDR4 150GB SSD 1 Gbps@unlimited 1 €7.50/month direct
12 Core 36GB DDR4 300GB SSD 10 Gbps@unlimited 1 €15.00/month Direct
18 Core 54GB DDR4 450GB SSD 10 Gbps@unlimited 1 €22.50/month Direct
24 Core 72GB DDR4 600GB SSD 10 Gbps@unlimited 1 €30.00 /month Direct

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