Three points to help you choose the right web hosting

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Many personal and small business websites usually choose virtual hosting to build their websites. But some webmasters do not know much about virtual space, here is how to choose the right hosting.

1、Space size

Hosting size is now most of the 100m or more; see how much space their website needs to occupy, and foresee how many web pages, pictures, and how big the database in the coming year their website may have, to decide how much space to buy. Remember, the space size should not be based on the current website capacity as a reference but the website capacity after 1 year. Of course, you can also upgrade in the middle.

2、Price issue

This should be the primary consideration of many people before buying space. Virtual space is not the higher the price is better, not the lower, the worse; many people use the space price is not high, a few dozen dollars a year, but it’s operational effect than those hundreds of dollars of space is better.

On the price issue, mainly according to their budget and website construction requirements, the number of visits in a year will likely be less than 350IP daily if you do a personal blog. It is estimated that a lot of space within 150 yuan is enough to do the job; you do not have to buy a 600 yuan shared space, not to mention the need to get on a 2000 yuan cloud server. But fifty dollars a year of play is best not to buy; most of these spaces’ quality is not complimentary.

3、Can support the trial

Professional service providers will offer trial services regardless of the space provided to users. Trial services may vary in form, and some are paid first, the trial is not satisfied with a full refund, some are free trial days, not satisfied can not buy. And for those service providers that do not offer a trial, it is best not to choose.

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