Test VPS server packet loss rate and IP and port connectivity, in addition to ping.pe, we recommend using ping.sx

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Host evaluation webmasters or friends who like to play with the machine must be familiar with ping.pe site, it is to move the tile work launched to test the VPS server packet loss rate and IP and port connectivity online tools, providing dozens of test nodes around the world (including 10 domestic test nodes), currently ping.pe because of the attack on domestic nodes, moving the official tile work has been temporarily offline all domestic test nodes (not enough has been restored), but today the webmaster here still wants to recommend replacement tools: ping.sx, just in case!

Screenshot of ping.pe packet loss rate test.

The next online tools that can test the packet loss rate of VPS servers are introduced.ping.sx

Tool address: https://ping.sx/ping

Directly enter the IP address to start testing, the default sends 10 packets, and you can test the latency and packet loss rate

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