SmartHost: US cheap VPS, 1 core/1GB RAM/10GB NVME HDD/1TB traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, $2.06/month, choose LA/Las Vegas/UK/Netherlands machine room, support windows

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SmartHost host free IPv6 can add additional IPv4, the price is $1 / a; support to add a hard disk, the price is $5 / 1TB; support to upgrade traffic, the price is $5 / 5TB and so on, the host default to provide Linux system, optional user to provide ISO installation, order page can now choose 20 regional server room, the business regular package using NVMe hard drives, support for Windows or Linux systems.

How about SmartHost, SmartHost is good, SmartHost was founded in 1998, currently, in the United States, there are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, New York, New Jersey, Denver, Jacksonville, Herndon, Seattle, Chicago, the eight machine rooms, using the common KVM, OpenVZ, XEN virtualization technology, which KVM architecture There are trial versions of genuine windows systems available, SolusVM control panels are used, some of the server rooms offer free DDOS defense, and merchants support PayPal, credit cards, and other payments.

Official Website

Promo Code.
KABOOM30 Recurring 30% off

Discount Package.
Linux VPS – customizable configuration on the purchase page
Windows VPS – customizable configuration on the purchase page
CPU: 1 core CPU: 1 core
Space: 10GB NVME SSD Hard Drive: 20GB NVME SSD
Traffic: 1TB/month Traffic: 1TB/month
Bandwidth: 1Gbps Bandwidth: 1Gbps
IPv4: 1 IPv4: 1
Price: $2.95/month Price: $7.95/month
Buy: Link
Buy: Link

Network Testing.
Las Vegas NV, NEVADA:
Dallas tx:
Colorado COLORADO:
Florida FLORIDA: 102.65.118
Buffalo NY:
Virginia VIRGINIA:
Piscataway NJ:
London UK:
Netherlands Amsterdam NL:

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