shockhosting: US VPS, 1 core/2G RAM/30G SSD hard drive/1TB traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, from $4.99/month

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What about shockhosting? Shockhosting is a foreign hosting business established in 2012, the company mainly sells web hosting and VPS, VPS using KVM virtual architecture, and machine room in the United States, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Los Angeles for QN machine room, support windows system, the business hard disk solution for SSD solid state hard disk, HDD series for large hard disk, for domestic access speed is better, while the business is more focused on Chinese customers, support for Alipay, WeChat, paypal, credit cards, etc.

shockhosting official website

VPS Package
cpu memory hard disk traffic bandwidth price buy
1 Core 2 GB 30 GB SSD 1 TB 1Gbps $4.99/month Link
2-core 4 GB 60 GB SSD 2 TB 1Gbps $9.99/month Link
3 Core 6 GB 90 GB SSD 3 TB 1Gbps $14.99/month Link
4 Core 8 GB 120 GB SSD 4 TB 1Gbps $19.99/month Link
5 Core 10 GB 150 GB SSD 5 TB 1Gbps $24.99/month Link
6 Core 12 GB 180 GB SSD 6 TB 1Gbps $29.99/month Link

Test IP
New Jersey Test IP:
Los Angeles Test IP:
Netherlands Test IP:

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