Radwebhosting: US Phoenix cheap VPS, up to 70% off, 1 core/512M RAM/15GB SSD hard drive/1TB traffic/100Mbps bandwidth, pay from $9.49/month, pay from $5.99/month for three years.

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Radwebhosting is currently offering a 30% discount on KVM VPS in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, with a minimum monthly payment of $9.49 and a minimum three-year payment of $5.99/month.

Radwebhosting is a US-based VPS provider founded in 2014, with server rooms in Dallas, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. Radwebhosting uses KVM virtualization and a SolusVM control panel.

Radwebhosting Official Website https://radwebhosting.com/

Discount Code

FAST50 Up to 70% off all VPS servers, lifetime discount

Promotion Package.
CPU memory hard disk traffic monthly price Buy
1 Core 1 GB 25 GB SSD (RAID 10) 1 TB $9.49/month Link
2 Core 4 GB 100 GB SSD (RAID 10) 2 TB $29.50/month Link
4 Core 8 GB 250 GB SSD (RAID 10) 4 TB $44.50/month Link
6 Core 12 GB 500 GB SSD (RAID 10) 6 TB $69.50/month Link
8 Core 16 GB 1 TB SSD (RAID 10) 8 TB $99.49/month Link

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