PhotonVPS: cheap VPS in Los Angeles, USA, 20% discount, 1 core/2G memory/30GB NVME/2TB traffic/100Mbps bandwidth, $2/month onwards, choose from 17 machine rooms in USA/Netherlands/Korea/Singapore/Japan, etc.

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PhotonVPS is currently offering a 20% discount code for NVMe disk series cloud servers, including the Los Angeles server room, offering 10Gbps DDoS defense; after the 20% discount, the lowest package 1 core/2G memory/30GB NVME/2TB traffic/100Mbps bandwidth, from $4/month, you can look around if you need.

PhotonVPS was founded in 1999; the earliest to do hosting web hosting business; in 2008 began to do server business, currently, in 16 countries around the world with a total of 17 rooms, data centers including the United States, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Ashburn, the Netherlands, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and so on, support PayPal, the main business Linux VPS, Windows VPS, Forex VPS, and bare metal dedicated servers, legal adult content allowed, PayPal and credit card support,30-day money-back guarantee.

PhotonVPS: cheap VPS in US LA server room, 80% discount, 1 core/2G memory/30GB NVME/2TB traffic/100Mbps bandwidth, $2/month onwards, 17 server room inserts available for US/Netherlands/Korea/Singapore/Japan, etc.

PhotonVPS official website.

Promo Code.
OCT2022 20% off recurring coupon code

PromotionalVPSs packages.
MemoryCPUu NVME traffic Bandwidth Discounted Price Buy
2048 1 core 30GB 2000GB 100 Mbps $4/month Link
4096 1 core 60GB 4000GB 100 Mbps $8/month Link
8192 2-core 80GB 8000GB 100 Mbps $16/month Link
16390 2-core 160GB 16000GB 100 Mbps $32/month Link
32768 4-core 320GB 32000GB 1 Gbps $64/month Link
32768 4-core 640GB 64000GB 1 Gbps $128/month Link

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