ONEVPS: 50% off the first month, 1 core/512MB RAM/20G SSD hard drive/unlimited traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, from $2, multi-country machine room available

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Currently, onevps offers the first month of 50% off discount code, and the lowest first month after the discount is only $2; VPS hosts 1Gbps bandwidth. Unlimited traffic, note that the price of different rooms of the business is slightly different, such as the choice of Japan, Singapore, Australia, etc. needs to increase the cost; the above discount code is only the first-month discount, the original price of renewal. ONEVPS website can choose the language of the site (top right corner of the home page); the business Member Center has been opened to prevent fraud; please do not use proxy addresses or false information to register. Need to know.

OneVPS is a company mainly selling overseas large bandwidth ports and high-traffic VPS products. KVM virtualization technology and memory hard disk OneVPS is suitable for national users with increased traffic and high bandwidth business needs. The main business for the sale of KVM architecture VPS products, there are six data centres in the United States New York, London, England, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Zurich, Switzerland, Tokyo, Japan, Singapore can choose, the business support Alipay, PayPal, credit cards, product advantages are KVM architecture, pure SSD hard disk, 1Gbps bandwidth port unlimited traffic, and Windows system optional.

Official website:

Promo Code.

CPU memory hard disk traffic bandwidth system price/first month buy
1 Core 512MB 20GB SSD Unlimited 1Gbps Linux $2.00/month Link
1 Core 768MB 50GB SSD Unlimited 1Gbps Linux or Windows $3.00/month Link
2-core 1024MB 80GB SSD Unlimited 1Gbps Linux or Windows $4.50/month Link
2-core 1536MB 100GB SSD Unlimited 1Gbps Linux or Windows $6.50/month Link
4 Core 2048MB 125GB SSD Unlimited 1Gbps Linux or Windows $10.00/month Link

Network Test.
Japan Tokyo server room test IP:
Test IP in London, UK:
Manchester, UK test IP:
Test IP in New York, USA:
Test IP in Zurich, Switzerland:
Test IP in Amsterdam, Netherlands:
Singapore server room test IP:
Test IP in Frankfurt, Germany:

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