NexusBytes: Cheap AMD Ryzen VPS, 1 core/1G RAM/15G HDD/1000G traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, from $3.20/month, free Windows, optional US/Europe/APAC server room

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What about NexusBytes? NexusBytes, founded in 2016, is a US-registered company (Connecticut,1216352) specializing in VPS, virtual private servers, web hosting, and reselling in Los Angeles/New York/Miami, Netherlands, London, UK, Singapore, Tokyo, Japan, and Melbourne, Australia; VPS based on KVM virtual Virtualizor control panel; provides easy access to VPS upgrade and downgrade; 2G RAM and above support Windows system. Support Alipay, WeChat, PayPal, credit cards, BTC, and other mainstream payment methods. Note: The NexusBytes family is earnest about fraud prevention, so please be careful to fill in the correct information for your purchase and do not use proxies, etc.

NexusBytes official website.

AMD Ryzen VPS packages.
You can choose from the US (New York, Los Angeles, and Miami), Europe (Naldwijk, Netherlands, and London, UK), Asia Pacific (Singapore, Tokyo, Japan, Melbourne, Australia), machine rooms, etc. Note: The NexusBytes family’s fraud prevention is severe; please be careful to fill in the correct information when purchasing, and do not use proxies, etc.

CPU memory hard disk traffic bandwidth IP price buy
1 Core 1 GB 15 GB 1000GB 1Gbps 1+/64 $3.20/month Direct
2 core 2 GB 30 GB 2000GB 1Gbps 1 + /64 $6.40/month direct
2-core 3GB 45GB 3000GB 1Gbps 1 + /64 $9.60/month direct
4 Core 4 GB 60 GB 4000GB 1Gbps 1 + /64 $12.80/month Direct
4 Core 5 GB 75 GB 5000GB 1Gbps 1 + /64 $16.00/month Direct
6 Core 6 GB 90 GB 6000GB 1Gbps 1 + /64 $19.20/month Direct
6 Core 7 GB 105 GB 6000GB 1Gbps 1 + /64 $22.40/month Direct
8 Core 8 GB 120 GB 8000GB 1Gbps 1 +/64 $25.60/month Direct
8 Core 9 GB 135 GB 9000GB 1Gbps 1 +/64 $28.80/month Direct
10 Core 10 GB 150 GB 10000GB 1Gbps 1 +/64 $32.00/month Direct
10 Core 11 GB 165 GB 1100GB 1Gbps 1 + /64 $35.20/month Direct

Network Test
Tokyo, Japan:
Netherlands, Europe:
London, United Kingdom:
Los Angeles, USA:
Miami, USA:
New York, USA:

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