Limewave: US Seattle server room vps, 2 core/4GB RAM/50GB SSD/5TB traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, $6/month

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Limewave now has a discounted shared CPU VPS package for Seattle, USA server room, only for a 4G internal deposit; after the ignored 2 core/4GB RAM/50GB SSD/5TB traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, $6/month, you can look around if you need.

What about Limewave? Limewave is an Internet service provider registered in Canada in 2010; the business provides broadband access, VPS, web hosting and other products, including VPS hosting opened in the United States Seattle server room, own hardware and AS network (AS36369), based on KVM architecture, using SSD hard disk, providing IPv4 + IPv6.

Timewave official website.

Promo Code.
H114UAPCF5 or 4JCD24VFLW (only applicable to 4G internal deposit, $2 off)

Seattle server room VPS packages.
Red marked packages are after discounted price

CPU memory hard disk traffic bandwidth ipv4 price buy
2 4 GB 50 GB SSD (Raid10) 5 TB/month 1Gbps 1 for $6/month Link
4 8 GB 100 GB SSD (Raid10) 10 TB / month 1Gbps 1 for $14/month Link
8 16 GB 150 GB SSD (Raid10) 20 TB / month 1Gbps 1 for $24/month Link
16 32 GB 200 GB SSD (Raid10) 40 TB/month 1Gbps 1 for $42/month Link
Network Testing.

Seattle server room ipv4:
Seattle server room download test:

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