Kuroit: High-Performance NVMe VPS Server, 1 Core/2G RAM/15GB NVMe/1TB Traffic/1Gbps Bandwidth, from £5.00/month, UK/US/Singapore Chassis Available

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Kuroit now offers high-performance KVM VPS with E-2288G, E-2186G or Core i9 server CPUs, Geekbench 4 score – 6000+ single core, Geekbench 5 score – 1250+ single core, offering 10Tbps DDOS Protection, available in Chicago, London, UK and Singapore server rooms, limited inventory.

How about Kuroit, a foreign hosting provider that started in 2019, mainly offering web hosting and VPS with data centres including London, UK and Los Angeles, USA? The merchant supports Alipay, WeChat, PayPal and other payment methods.

Kuroit official website.

Promo Code.
PRO20 20% off discount code

High-Performance NVMe VPS Server Packages.
CPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Price Buy
1 Core 2GB DDR4 15GB NVMe 1Gbps@ 1TB £5.00/month Link
2 Core 4GB DDR4 30GB NVMe 1Gbps@ 2TB £10.00/month Link
Network test.
London, UK:
Los Angeles, USA:
Chicago: or

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