INET.WS: US cheap vps, add Ashburn and Dallas data centre, from $2/month, another 11 rooms available in Seattle/Phoenix/Chicago etc

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WS has added Ashburn and Dallas data centres, and now has 11 data centres. The merchant is currently offering a 50% discount code for the first 6 months (the original price returns in the 7th month), starting at just $2/month. There is a menu of Looking Glass on the merchant’s homepage, so if you need more information on testing locations, you can click there directly. Note that the coupon code is valid for the first 6 months only, the price reverts to the original price for the 7th month and the code is valid until May 30th. The hosts default to one free weekly backup, you can pay for daily backups.

WS is a foreign hosting provider established in 2020, offering domain name registration and VPS hosting, VPS based on KVM architecture with SSD hard drives, with a choice of 1 data centre in Seattle, Phoenix, Chicago, New York, Miami, Ashburn, Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto, Vancouver, Canada, Frankfurt, Germany, etc. All of them are in unlimited traffic mode and offer 100-500M bandwidth depending on different packages.

Official website:

Promo Code:

vps packages:
CPU Memory Hard Disk Bandwidth Price Price
1 Core 2GB 30GB 100M $2/month Link
2 Core 4GB 60GB 100M $4/month Link
3 Core 6GB 90GB 200M $7/month Link
4 Core 8GB 120GB 300M $10/month Link
6 Core 12GB 180GB 400M $15/month Link
8 Core 16GB 240GB 400M $20/month Link
Test IP:
Looking Glass:
Toronto (CA):

Vancouver (CA):

Frankfurt (DE):

Ashburn (US):

Atlanta (US):

Chicago (US):

Dallas (US):

Miami (US):

New York (US):

Phoenix (US):

Seattle (US):

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