HostTheBes: 6 core 3G/60GB NVMe/Unlimited traffic/1Gbps/KVM/$2.50/first month US cloud server, Dallas/Utah server room

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Merchant Introduction
HostTheBes this promotion server as if the CPU does not cost the same, to the CPU memory are very large, but most of the line is not good Utah, U.S. server room, and a not bad Dallas server room, but all unlimited traffic VPS, but also provide free backup, free DDOS attack protection, free cPANEL Solo license, customizable ISO system, the current first month of 50% discount, try a month is not expensive, HostTheBes is also an old business, interested can try.

HostTheBes official website address:

HostTheBes is a US server provider established in 2033, mainly engaged in shared hosting, unmanaged VPS, and dedicated server business in Utah, Dallas and New York server rooms.

Merchant Coupon Codes
HostTheBes promo code Take50Off (50% off the first month)

HostTheBes discount promotion
HostTheBes US VPS, all 1Gbps bandwidth + unlimited traffic, the first one is OpenVZ virtualization, can not use the first month 50% discount code, all other KVM virtualization, the last one is the Dallas server room, all other Utah server room, VPS students suggest the need for a better domestic line also use the last one, the mother machine is E5-2695v3 or E5-2690v4 processor, 256G memory. 2690v4 processor, 256G memory, 10x960GB NVMe hard drives, 2x10Gbps bandwidth.

CPU Memory Hard Disk IPv4 IPv6 Virtualization Server Room
8 Core 1G 10GB NVMe 1pc /64 OpenVZ Utah $1.99/month
6 Core 3G 60GB NVMe 1pc /64 KVM Utah $2.50/first month
12 Core 4G 60GB NVMe 1pc /64 KVM Utah $5/month
24 Core 8G 60GB NVMe 1 /64 KVM Utah $12.50/month
12 Core 3G 25GB NVMe 1pc /64 KVM Dallas $2.50/month
HostTheBes Server Room Test
HostTheBes US server room test IP:

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The server is also a machine, not diligent backup is extremely irresponsible to their performance, please maintain good backup habits.

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