HostingViet: Vietnam VPS, 30% off annual payment for new users, 150Mbps bandwidth, unlimited traffic, Windows support

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HostingViet on their own Vietnam server room, for new users rare and engaged in the annual payment of 30% discount promotion, still unlimited traffic, 150Mbps bandwidth, Windows / Linux operating system optional, there is a need for Southeast Asia server room friends do not miss. The website of HostingViet is in Vietnamese, so it’s okay if you can’t read it, use Google Chrome to translate it.

How about HostingViet? HostingViet is good; HostingViet was established in 2015; the main business in Vietnam is cheap VPS hosting, cloud servers, independent servers, and web hosting business; data centers are in Hanoi, Vietnam, HostingViet is based on the OpenStack platform, 2 core 3G or more models Support windows system, it seems to be free. Support credit cards, PayPal, and other payments.

HostingViet official website

Promo Code.
CD1510 New users who sign up for VPS service for more than one year will get a 30% discount

Cheap VPS in Vietnam
HostingViet uses KVM virtualization and OpenStack technology. 2 core 3G or above can install windows systems, including Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition, 2016, 2019, etc., and it is free. Note: VND is VND, which looks like a lot but is not very valuable; this price is quite affordable.

Model vCPU Memory, Hard disk Bandwidth/flow IPv4, Discounted price.
Cloud VPS Basic 1 1 core 1GB+1GB free 20GB SSD 150Mbps/unlimited 1pc 756000 VND/year
Cloud VPS Basic 2 2-core 3GB 30GB SSD 150Mbps/Unlimited 1pc 1814400 VND /year
Cloud VPS Basic 3 3-core 6GB 40GB SSD 150Mbps/Unlimited 1pc 3990000 VND /year
Cloud VPS Basic 4 4-core 10GB 80GB SSD 150Mbps/Unlimited 1pc 6501600 VND /year

Network Test
Vietnam – Hanoi:

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