HostHatch: AMD EPYC 1 core/2GB RAM/15GB SSD space/1TB traffic/1Gbps port, from $4.00/month, 16 server rooms available

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How about HostHatch, HostHatch OK, HostHatch is a veteran U.S. hosting business, many friends know more about this business, his family’s many machines are sent work orders to the company to become a raw bill before you can buy, the industry more machine rooms, there are the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Australia, China, Hong Kong and many other places, around the Friends like most or his family’s large disk machine, the price is low, the need can be rounded up.

HostHatch official website.

VPS packages.
The bandwidth of all packages is 1Gbps

CPU memory hard disk traffic price buy
1 Core 2 GB DDR4 10 GB NVMe 1 TB(500GB in HKG, TOK, SYD, SGP) $4.00/month Link
2 Core 4 GB DDR4 20 GB NVMe 1 TB $6.00/month Link
2 Core 8 GB DDR4 35 GB NVMe 2 TB $9.00/month Link
4 Core 12 GB DDR4 50 GB NVMe 3 TB $12.00/month Link
4 Core 12 GB DDR4 50 GB NVMe 3 TB $12.00/month Link
6 Core 24 GB DDR4 100 GB NVMe 6 TB $22.00/month Link

Network test of HostHatch server
Amsterdam, Netherlands, IP:, download:
Chicago, Chicago, IP:, download:
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, IP:, download:
London, UK, IP:, download:
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, IP:, download:
New York, New York, IP:, download:
Oslo, Norway, IP:, download:
Stockholm, Sweden, IP:, download:
Sydney, Sydney, IP:, download:
Vienna, Vienna, IP:, download:
Warsaw, IP:, download:
Zurich, IP:, download:

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