HostGnome: UK VPS with free 12Tbps DDoS protection, 10Gbps @ 10TB traffic, from $3.99 per month

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HostGnome UK machine room has been relocated to a new machine room. The network port from the original 1Gbps upgrade to 10Gbps, by, provides 12Tbps DDoS protection. Machine performance is also powerful, AMD EPYC 7542 CPU, DDR4 memory, NVMe SSD, Proxmox control panel, the recent need for the UK VPS, large bandwidth VPS friends can pay attention to.

HostGnome is a UK VPS hosting provider, established in 2019, currently operating OVHcloud high-security VPS, offering up to 480 Gbps free DDOS protection, anti-DDOS effect is very good. The server room is currently available in the UK, France, USA and Luxembourg OVH server rooms, including the Luxembourg server room, which is highly resistant to complaints and ignores the DMCA. The merchant supports Bitcoin, credit card and Paypal payments.

UK OVH Server Room High-Security VPS
OVH Server Room UK: Linux KVM VPS, AMD Epyc 7642, 1Gb Bandwidth, 480Gb DDoS Protection

vCPU Memory Hard Disk Traffic/Bandwidth Price Buy
1 Core 2 GB 20 GB NVMe SSD 10TB @ 10Gbps $3.99/month Link
1 Core 4 GB 30 GB NVMe SSD 20TB @ 10Gbps $6.99/month Link
2 Core 8 GB 50 GB NVMe SSD 30TB @ 10Gbps $14.99/month Link
4 Core 12 GB 75 GB NVMe SSD 50TB @ 10Gbps $24.99/month Link
6 Core 16 GB 90 GB NVMe SSD 70TB @ 10Gbps $34.99/month Link
8 Core 24 GB 120 GB NVMe SSD 100TB @ 10Gbps $44.99/month Link
12 Core 48 GB 200 GB NVMe SSD 200TB @ 10Gbps $65.99/month Link
24 Core 96 GB 400 GB NVMe SSD 333TB @ 10Gbps $119.99/month Link

Network Test

London, UK:

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