HostDare: Los Angeles VPS monthly payment 10% discount annual payment 30% discount from $18/year, the yearly payment to send double memory + double traffic

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HostDare has released its latest promotion at LET, offering 10% off monthly or 30% off annual discount codes for Los Angeles NVMe SSD KVM series VPS hosting.

HostDare is a foreign VPS hosting provider established in 2015, offering KVM-based VPS hosting products with a data centre in Los Angeles, USA, divided into several series based on different disks and server room lines.

HostDare official website:

The following is a partial list of Los Angeles NVMe SSD KVM VPS series hosting configuration information; note that the memory and traffic in the configuration have been doubled.

Architecture CPU Memory Hard Disk Bandwidth IPv4 Price
KVM Single Core 512+512MB 10GB 500+500GB/200Mbps 1pc $18.19/year
KVM Single Core 1+1GB 25GB 1+1TB/500Mbps 1pc $27.99/year
KVM Dual Core 2+2GB 50GB 2+2TB/500Mbos 1pc $49.69/year
KVM Triple Core 4+4GB 100GB 3+3TB/500Mbps 1pc $91.69/year
KVM Quad-Core 8+8GB 200GB 5+5TB/500Mbps 1pc $188.24/year
HostDare Promo Code: HOSTDARE(monthly payment) L5SJY4AI1P(annual payment)

Note that the annual payment to obtain the gift of the way to reply to the order number in the original LET post, the end of the article will provide the actual postal address, coupon code for permanent discounts, renewal of the same price, the host supports the installation of Linux or Windows operating system, help the purchase of additional IP price of $1 / month or $12 / year, there is no strict limit on the number of investments.

LET original posting address:

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