HalloweenDeals #SugarHosts: renewal offers, goodies, 30% off renewal coupons for web hosting, up to two years of VPS renewal, web hosting from as low as ¥34.99/month, vps from as low as ¥24.50/month

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SugarHosts is starting a Halloween sale, with great deals on web hosting and VPS renewals, with web hosting starting as low as ¥34.99/month and vps starting as low as ¥24.5/month.

How about SugarHosts? SugarHosts is a British company established many years to operate the host; the Chinese name is “candy host”. SugarHosts uses web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, featuring no overselling and good performance of all kinds of hosting, and SugarHosts supports Alipay, PayPal, credit cards and other payment methods.

SugarHosts official website

Halloween Activities
1、Web hosting as low as 30% off, with 2 special Halloween renewal coupon codes, respectively 30% and 20% off, can be used iteratively with lifetime offers

2, cloud server as low as 24.5 /month, renewal of a year to give half a year of use/renewal of two years to give a year of use/renewal of three years to give two years of use

Web Hosting
The following is an example of a China-US Express dedicated Los Angeles server room; in addition, the virtual host also supports the Hong Kong server room, the United States server room with ordinary lines, as well as the European Netherlands server room.

Program Disk Number of sites Independent IP Monthly traffic Price Buy
Baby 10GB 2pcs Unlimited ¥34.99/month Link
Pro unlimited 1 unlimited ¥39.99/month Link
Business Unlimited Unlimited 1 unlimited ¥68.99/month Link
Power Unlimited Unlimited 1pc Unlimited ¥68.99/month Link
VPS Packages
Only some of the Los Angeles packages are listed below

Package CPU Memory Hard Disk Monthly Traffic Price Buy
Cloud L1 1 Core 1 GB 20 GB SSD 1 TB ¥24.5/month Link
Cloud L2 1 core 2 GB 40 GB SSD 2 TB ¥34.5/month Link
Cloud L3 2-core 4 GB 80 GB SSD 3 TB ¥97.3/month Link
Cloud L4 4-core 8 GB 160 GB SSD 4 TB ¥195.3/month Link
Cloud L5 6-core 16 GB 320 GB SSD 5 TB ¥384.3/month Link
Cloud L6 8-core 32 GB 640 GB SSD 6 TB ¥769.3/month Link
Cloud L7 16-core 64 GB 1280 GB SSD 7 TB ¥1546.3/month Link

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