GreenCloudVPS 9th Anniversary Event, 2 Core Ryzen/2GB RAM/22GB HDD/2222GB Traffic/10Gbps Bandwidth, $22/year, Chicago/Kansas/Amsterdam/Singapore Chassis Available

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GreenCloudVPS recently opened its 9th-anniversary campaign, offering a large number of special 9th-anniversary VPS packages based on KVM architecture, with a choice of server rooms in San Jose, Kansas, New York, Jacksonville, Chicago, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore and many other regions, with minimum 2GB memory packages starting at just $15 per year. All packages offer IPv4+IPv6, which cannot be listed above so you can check the “9th Birthday Sale” on the left side of the product list page in the GreenCloudVPS Member Center. Budget KVM Sale” and “Premium KVM Sale” are all available in this series and will be automatically cancelled 2 hours after the order is placed without payment.

How about GreenCloudVPS? GreenCloudVPS is a foreign VPS host established in 2013, mainly provides VPS hosting, has expanded to 30 regional server rooms, and supports the use of PayPal or Alipay payment.

GreenCloudVPS official website.

Ninth-anniversary promotional VPS packages.
server room CPU memory hard disk IP traffic bandwidth price buy
Chicago 2 core Ryzen 2GB 22GB NVMe 1 ipv4+/112 IPv6 2222GB 10Gbps $22.00/year Link
Kansas 2-core Ryzen 2GB 22GB NVMe 1 ipv4+/112 IPv6 2222GB 10Gbps $22.00/year Link
Amsterdam 2-core Ryzen 2GB 22GB NVMe 1 ipv4+/112 IPv6 2222GB 10Gbps $22.00/year Link
Singapore 4 Core 6144MB 2TB SATA RAID-10 HDD 1 x 4TB 10Gbps $95.00/year Link
Singapore 1 Core 2048MB 500GB SATA RAID-10 HDD 1 1TB 10Gbps $30.00/year Link
Singapore 2 Core 3072MB 1TB SATA RAID-10 HDD 1 x 2TB 10Gbps $50.00/year Link
Network Test. (Tokyo, Japan) (Osaka, Japan) DC1) (Singapore DC2) Kong DC1) Kong DC2) (San Jose)

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