GigsGigsCloud: US LA server room, cn2 gia vps, 1 core/500M RAM/20G SSD/1000G traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, from $12/month

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GigsGigsCloud’s SimpleCloud V USA Los Angeles VPS series with cn2 GIA network, RAID 10 Pure SSD, starting from as low as $12/, $120/year, offering 1Gbps bandwidth, 1TB traffic, merchants support original refund within 3 days (VPS bandwidth usage is less than 1%). Needed can be rounded up.

How about GigsGigsCloud? GigsGigsCloud is a foreign hosting business started in 2015, registered by Malaysians, providing VPS and dedicated server rentals, etc., where VPS is based on KVM architecture, data centres include Los Angeles, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, China, etc. Merchant VPS host and subdivided into several series, support for payment by Alipay.

GigsGigsCloud official website.

Los Angeles, USA, GIA VPS package.
Package CPU Memory SSD Traffic Bandwidth Snapshot Monthly Payment Annual Payment Buy
LAX-CNPremium-V1 1 core 500M 20G 1000G 1Gbps 1pc $12/month $120/year Link
LAX-CNPremium-V2 1 core 1G 30G 2000G 1Gbps 10pcs $22/month $220/year Link
LAX-CNPremium-V3 2 cores 2G 40G 3000G 1Gbps 10pcs $33/month $330/year Link
LAX-CNPremium-V4 2-core 3G 50G 4000G 1Gbps 10pcs $53/month $530/year Link
LAX-CNPremium-V5 4 cores 4G 60G 6000G 1Gbps 10pcs $73/month $730/year Link

Test IP.
GIA, Los Angeles, USA:

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