EasyVM: Singapore Ryzen VPS, 1 Core/2GB within 25GB NVMe/1TB Traffic/1Gbps Bandwidth, from $4.80/month

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What about EasyVM, EasyVM, a foreign merchant that offers VPS and dedicated servers with data centres in Dallas, Las Vegas, New York, Singapore, etc.? Current Singapore, Dallas and other Ryzen VPS have a discount; Singapore discount from $4.80, Dallas configuration is higher, discounted monthly payment from $5.99, the price is not bad; the recent need for Singapore VPS, the United States VPS, Ryzen VPS friends can pay attention to.

EasyVM: Singapore Ryzen VPS, 1 core/2GB within 25GB NVMe/1TB traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, from $4.8/month Illustration

Official website:
Promo Code:
BVYI7TQS66 60% off discount code

Singapore VPS
KVM virtual, CPU is AMD Ryzen processor, basic DDoS defence provided
CPU Memory SSD Traffic/Bandwidth Price Buy
1 Core 2G 25G 1T/1Gbps $7.99/month Link
1 Core 4G 50G 2T/1Gbps $14.99/month Link
2 Core 8G 100G 4T/1Gbps $29.99/month Link
4 Core 16G 160G 6T/1Gbps $59.99/month Link

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