DMIT USA San Jose 4837: $12.9/month/1 core/1.5GB RAM/20GB SSD space/4TB traffic @ 10Gbps ports/KVM

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Now DMIT has a new KVM VPS for US San Jose 4837 line with first offer: $12.9/month/1 core/1.5GB RAM/20GB SSD space/4TB traffic @ 10Gbps port/KVM. promo code: Lite-Annually-Recur-30OFF (annual payment order, recurring 30% discount), promo Code: Lite-Semi-Annually-Recur-20OFF (pay semi-annually for order, recurring 20% off). But! Before October 21, 2022, at 23:59 (UTC), you can enjoy “Buy One Get One Free” when you order annual payment SJC products without using any coupon code.

DMIT website:

Buy Now Benefits:
The first year of the giveaway is free (first year only, which means the giveaway is also required for annual payments).
The giveaway can be split into multiple orders (requires no more than the original order price)
Giveaways can be requested to be created on other accounts (note in work order)

Specific requirements:
Request the giveaway through a work order.
Only one request per order is allowed.
Work orders must be submitted by 23:59 (UTC) on October 26.
Except for TINY.

vCPU Memory Space Traffic Port Price Link
1 1.5GB 20GB SSD 4TB 10Gbps $12.9/month Purchase Link
2 2GB 40GB SSD 6TB 10Gbps $21.9/month Buy Link
2 4GB 80GB SSD 8TB 10Gbps $32.9/month Buy Link
4 4GB 120GB SSD 12TB 10Gbps $49.9/month Buy Link
4 8GB 200GB SSD 22TB 10Gbps $99.9/month Buy Link
8 16GB 400GB SSD 44TB 10Gbps $199.9/month Buy Link

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