DMIT: the United States Los Angeles GIA high defense VPS cloud server particular, 2 core/2G memory/100Mbps bandwidth, $56.99 / quarter, optional DDOS defense

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What about DMIT?DMIT server is good?DMIT is a U.S. server provider established in 2017, currently mainly selling U.S. Los Angeles GIA line VPS virtual server products; this is a good line quality, the online server rate is very high business, you can choose GIA bandwidth line and BGP bandwidth line, are very distinctive, payment methods support PayPal, PayPal, credit card, etc.

DMIT currently has an ultra-high-proof cloud server product for Asia, the default to 5Tbps DDoS defense capabilities, the minimum configuration of 2 cores 2G memory, monthly payment of only $14.9 onwards, if you choose quarterly $56.99 / quarter ahead, belonging to the cost-effective U.S. high-proof cloud server! This plan also supports flexible CPU, memory, hard disk, and monthly traffic configuration! Bandwidth defaults to 100Mbps; not enough to spend $ 3 / month can be upgraded to 200Mbps!

DMIT official website:

The following is DMIT’s special replenishment of the U.S. VPS cloud server, the United States of America Los Angeles server room, sPro series package, to Cloudflare Magic Transit support, backhaul GIA, can provide up to 5Tbps of Anti-DDoS protection.

CPU: 2+ vCPU

Memory: 2+ GB RAM

Hard Drive: 20+ GB SSD Storage

Traffic: 1000+ GB Bandwidth @100Mbps+

IP Address: 1 IPv4 & 1 IPv6 /64

Defense: 5Tbps+ DDoS Protection Always-On

Bandwidth: 100Mbps

Price: $56.99/quarter

Buy: Direct Link

Product Package (DMIT Mercer GIA model)

Test IP:

Model CPU Memory SSD Flow Bandwidth Price Buy
Pro.TINY 1 core 1G 10G 650G 500M $28.88/quarter Buy
Pro.SHAREv2 1 core 1G 10G 1.5T 500M $48.9/quarter Buy
Pro.Pocket 1 core 1G 10G 1.0T 1G $14.9/month Buy
Pro.STARTER 2-core 1G 10G 2.0T 1G $29.9/month Buy
Pro.MINI 2 core 2G 20G 4.0T 2G $58.8/month Buy
Pro.MICROv3 4 cores 4G 50G 6.0T 2G $74.99/month Buy
Pro.MEDIUMv2 4-core 8G 80G 12T 2G $168.88/month Buy
Pro.Large 8 core 16G 100G 22T 2G $338.88/month Buy
Pro.GIANT 8 Core 16G 100G 44T 2G $620/month Buy
Premium Unmetered – unlimited traffic GIA
Premium Unmetered package, CPU based on high-performance AMD EPYC, unlimited traffic, default with one ipv4 and one ipv6, no problems with the machine; the only drawback is the price is too high.

CPU Memory SSD Traffic Bandwidth Price Buy
2 cores 2G 20G unlimited 30M $179.99/month Buy
4 core 8G 50G absolute 50M $299.99/month Buy
4 Core 8G 80G Unlimited 100M $599.99/month Buy
8-core 16G 100G absolute 200M $999.99/month Buy

Test IP.
Hong Kong, China lite:
Japan GIA:
Japan CMI:
USA lite:

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