DigitalVirt: US AS9929 line vps in Los Angeles, 1 core/1GB/20G NVMe/1TB monthly traffic/200Mbps bandwidth, from $39/month

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DigitalVirt is currently selling US West Los Angeles quad-net AS9929 backhaul line hosting, based on KVM architecture with NVMe disks and 200-500Mbps bandwidth from as low as $39 per month. In addition to the Los Angeles 9929, the merchant’s US CN2 GIA, Los Angeles BGP, CMIN2 and other lines are also on sale in large quantities, so you can check them out directly on the merchant’s website if you’re interested.

DigitalVirt is a national hosting company founded in April 2021, providing cloud servers and independent server rentals and other products, data centres including the United States, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, etc., lines available AS9929, CN2 GIA, CMIN2, etc.

Official website:

USA Los Angeles AS9929 line vps package:
CPU Memory Hard Disk Traffic Price Buy
1 Core 1GB 20GB 1TB/200Mbps $39/month Link
1 Core 2GB 30GB 1.2TB/200Mbps $49/month Link
2 Core 2GB 40GB 1.5TB/300Mbps $59/month Link
2 Core 4GB 50GB 1.8TB/300Mbps $79/month Link
4 Core 4GB 80GB 2TB/400Mbps $99/month Link
4 Core 4GB 100GB 2.5TB/400Mbps $129/month Link
Network test:

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