DediGo: France VPS, 1 core/2GB RAM/100GB HDD/unlimited traffic/400Mbps bandwidth, from €2.99/month

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What about DediGo, DediGo, a Swiss merchant, founded in 2009, mainly provides web hosting, VPS, and other services, and only supports credit card payment! Its KVM VPS is located in France, the lowest configuration is only € 2.99/month onwards, need to be able to look around.

DediGo official website:

French server room KVM VPS package.

French location, KVM architecture, HDD hard disk, unlimited traffic.

Memory CPU HDD Bandwidth Price (before discount) Buy
2G 1 core 100GB 400Mbps €2.99/month Link
4G 2-core 200GB 400Mbps €5.99/month Link
6G 3-core 300GB 400Mbps €9.99/month Link
8G 4-core 400GB 400Mbps €15.99/month Link

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