Database Mart: US VPS 50% off max offer before Black Friday, from $4.99/month, lifetime

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How about Database Mart LLC, Database Mart LLC (from now on referred to as DBM) is a veteran US colocation provider established in 2005, a professional VPS virtual machine hosting provider. The United States has its own data centre in many places, pure US IP; DBM recently had a significant discount code offer on VPS, the strength of the 50% to 80% discount. You can enter the following discount code to get the deal when you place your order.

Official website

Promotion Packages
Some packages support the windows system

CPU Memory SSD Bandwidth IPv4 Promo Code
1 core 2G 60G 50Mbps 1 exp_20_off
1 core 4G 120G 50Mbps 1 exp_20_off
1 core 2G 60G 50Mbps 1 exp_20_off
2-core 4G 100G 100Mbps 1pc bas_30_off
2 core 8G 200G 100Mbps 1 bas_30_off
2 core 4G 100G 100Mbps 1 bas_30_off
3 core 8G 160G 150Mbps 1 pro_40_off
3 core 16G 320G 150Mbps 1 pro_40_off
3 core 8G 160G 150Mbps 1 pro_40_off
4 cores 16G 240G 200Mbps 1 adv_50_off

Test IP
Dallas test IP:
Denver test IP:
Kansas test IP:

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