Database Mart LLC U.S. GPU graphics servers / dedicated servers from 50% off

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Database Mart LLC, a veteran US colocation provider, will offer the biggest pre-black Friday sale of 50-80% off on some of its hot-selling bare metal servers and graphics servers from September 5 to September 30.

Database Mart was founded in 2005 with multiple data centres in Texas, Colorado, and Missouri, USA. In addition to GPU servers and physical machines, we also provide VPS, domain, SSL and other hosting services. We have our technical support and development, operation and maintenance team.

GPU graphics server 20% discount promotion: direct link

This GPU graphics server promotion is mainly some models specifically suitable for high-performance computing, deep learning, AI training and reasoning, and advanced rendering purposes. They are equipped with Nvidia Tesla series and RTX series graphics cards. Supports Pytorch, TensorFlow, Jupyter, Caffe, etc. Provides SSH, root access and independent US IP.

Database Mart also provides low-cost emulator models with Nvidia P620, P1000, and T1000 graphics cards, with performance comparable to Nvidia GTX1050/1080, and support for mainstream emulators such as Blue Stack, Easy, Thunderbolt, Night God, Seamaster, and Wakulla, with support for Direct3D, OpenGL, and AGP texture acceleration.

Physical bare metal server 50% off sale: direct link

Bare Metal Server Bare Metal Server is a dedicated physical machine server with high-cost performance; a single tenant enjoys the resources of a whole physical server, suitable for users with high demand for resources or security isolation requirements, such as banking, finance, securities and other industries. It is also ideal for game servers, large multi-concurrent websites, and database hosting.

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