CUBECLOUD: the US Los Angeles server room VPS, monthly payment from 30% off, CN2 GIA line VPS, from $58/month, as4837 line VPS, from $31.5/month

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CUBECLOUD started when the force was strong and the activities were more stable. The source of customers, so the late preferential less, nearly a year before the business began to do promotional activities, his original only Hong Kong and Los Angeles CN2 GIA products, the advantage is large bandwidth, the late on the Los Angeles AS4837 line and Hong Kong NNT line, still, large bandwidth, this seventh anniversary of the carnival activities GIA products 15% off, other products directly 30% off, which is the lowest discount in recent times, you can get on board if you need.

How about CUBECLOUD? CUBECLOUD (Magic Cloud) was established in 2016, a member of the Asia-Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), with multiple BGP networks, autonomous numbers AS7586, AS9400, AS136600, AS137951, regularly licensed with nationwide IDC license, ISP license, value-added CUBECLOUD has recently made a total adjustment and optimization for Hong Kong network, which ensures the bandwidth rate based on optimizing the delay if you need to know.

CUBECLOUD official website

Promo Code
15% off coupon code: PRO-15OFF (PRO full range of products, lifetime discount)

30% off coupon code: LITE-30OFF (LITE full range of products, lifetime discount)

PRO series is the GIA package; LITE is Los Angeles AS4837, and Hong Kong NNT

Limited sales, the first batch sold out from time to restock until the end of the event.

VPS Packages.
Los Angeles Lite VPS
[Free Gold Shield Cleaning Service] Pure SSD array, backhaul CU4837 access, G-port bandwidth!

CPU Memory Hard Disk Traffic Bandwidth IP Price Buy
2 Core 1G 15G SSD 2T/month 1Gbps 1 for $45/month Link
2 core 2G 30G SSD 4T/month 1Gbps 1 for $85/month Link
2 core 4G 60G SSD 6T/month 1Gbps 1pc $165/month Link
4 Core 8G 85G SSD 8T/month 1Gbps 1 for $325/month Link
8 Core 16G 160G SSD 10T/month 2Gbps 2pcs 650RMB/month Link
16 Core 32G 320G SSD 12T/month 2Gbps 2 for $1300/month Link
Los Angeles Pro (CN2 GIA)
Free Golden Shield Cleaning Service] Pure SSD array, CN2 GIA access, 1Gbps large bandwidth, speed guaranteed!

CPU Memory Hard disk Monthly traffic Bandwidth Price Buy
2 Core 1G 15G SSD 0.8T/month 1Gbps $69/month Link
2 Core 2G 30G SSD 1.5T/month 1Gbps 135/month Link
4 Core 4G 60G SSD 2T/month 1Gbps 265/month Link
4 Core 8G 85G SSD 3T/month 1Gbps 520/month Link
8 Core 16G 160G SSD 5T/month 2Gbps 1030/month Link
16 Core 32G 320G SSD 10T/month 2Gbps 2050/month Link
Network Test.
Los Angeles Pro (CN2 GIA)
Los Angeles Lite(CU4837)

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