ControlVM: Singapore cheap VPS, 1 core/1G RAM 30 GB hard drive/500G traffic/200Mbps bandwidth, $17.70/quarter, also available in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, USA

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ControlVM, currently the full range of KVM VPS and cloud hosting, has up to 41% off, including 1 core/1G memory 30 GB hard drive/500G traffic/200Mbps bandwidth, $17.70/quarter onwards, optional Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the United States Los Angeles machine room, need to look around.

What about ControlVM, ControlVM Sdn. Bhd, headquartered in Selangor, Malaysia, was incorporated in 2017 after acquiring ControlVM Technology. It mainly provides elastic cloud hosting, web hosting, email hosting, dedicated cloud servers, and server hosting, with its own data centre in Malaysia and other server rooms in Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, and the US. The merchant supports PayPal payments.

ControlVM official website

Promo Code
VM45-2022 41% recurring discount

Singapore VPS Package.
Available for Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, USA. Up to 1 Gbps sharing is only available for USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany nodes. For the Malaysia data centre, you can burst up to 30Mbps (about 1000MB of data) in a short period. Always use a high bandwidth; your VPS will be permanently limited to 10 Mbps. The prices below are discounted; please use the promo code above to purchase.

CPU Memory Storage IP Bandwidth Price Buy
1 Core 1 GB 30 GB 1pc 200Mbps@ 500GB $17.70/quarter Link
1 Core 1 GB 40 GB 1pc 1Gbps@ 1 TB $5.9/month Link
2 Core 2 GB 60 GB 1pc 1Gbps@ 2 TB $11.8/month Link
4 Core 4 GB 80 GB 1pc 1Gbps@ 3 TB $23.6/month Link

Network Test
Hong Kong:
Los Angeles:

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