CloudCone: Global CDN Promotion, from $4.50/year, up to 40 nodes, including Hong Kong/Taiwan/Vietnam/Japan/USA nodes, VPS packages, from $10.99/year

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CloudCone is running a promotion for CDN, divided into three series: particular annual payment version, global Premium version, and global Premium + Oceania version, according to different monthly traffic yearly minimum payment from $4.50, including the United States, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and more than 40 regional nodes.

CloudCone is a sub-brand of Quadcone, established in 2017, offering VPS, CDN and dedicated server rentals, and is also one of the earlier merchants to offer hourly billing VPS, with merchants supporting the use of PayPal, credit cards, Alipay and other payment methods.

Official website:

CDN Promotion Packages
Nodes Traffic Price Buy
40+ 5GB/month $4.50/year Links
40+ 10GB/month $8.99/year Link
40+ 20GB/month $17.99/year Link
40+ 50GB/month $44.50/year Link
40+ 100GB/month $89/year Link
40+ 500GB/month $445.50/year Link
VPS Packages:
CPU Memory Hard Drive Traffic Price Buy
1 Core 512MB 20GB 2TB/1Gbps $10.99/year Link
2 Core 1GB 40GB 3TB/1Gbps $16.8/year Link
2 Core 2GB 80GB 3TB/1Gbps $29.26/year Link
2 Core 3GB 110GB 4TB/1Gbps $41.44/year Link
4 Core 4GB 180GB 5TB/1Gbps $53.81/year Link
4 Core 8GB 280GB 10TB/1Gbps $101.75/year Link
8 Core 16GB 570GB 10TB/1Gbps $199.12/year Link
Test IP:
ipv6: 2607:f130:0:c2::2:222
Download test:

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