BudgetVM, a 17-year-old US server room, is here with a discount code for end customers.

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BudgetVM, a 17-year-old US server room, offers end customers a discount code! Dedicated servers default 1Gbps port, unlimited traffic, and support up to 100Gbps bandwidth; BudgetVM cloud servers and VPS default 100Mbps bandwidth, unlimited traffic. All servers come with 1800Gbps DDoS defence. Five geographic servers are available in the BudgetVm server room: Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, and Japan. The trial version of the Window system is available. All servers come with IPMI.

According to Arianna, BudgetVM’s Asian sales manager, Asian customers buy more servers in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Japan and have a higher renewal rate.

BudgetVM long-term valid coupon code as follows (renewal at the same price).

End-customer long-term valid recurring BudgetVM coupon code (agents do not use)

A: Dedicated server monthly payment of five dollars coupon code: ARIANNA5

7% discount, quarterly coupon code: ARQTR
10% off, semi-annual coupon code: ARSEM
15% discount, annual payment coupon code: ARANN

B: VPS cloud server $3.5 coupon code: ARIANNA350
VPS $2.50 coupon code: ARIANNA250

BugetVM coupon code in the upper right corner of the order page, enter it directly, click Check Coupon, and then use it successfully. Remember to choose the purchase period!

BudgetVM Test IP.

Los Angeles Test IPv4 IP:
Mehmet Test IPv4 IP:
Japan Test IPv4 IP:
Chicago Test IPv4 IP:
Dallas Test IPv4 IP:

Official website address https://budgetvm.com

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