BlackFriday #Hostiger: 1 core / 1G memory / 20GB SSD hard drive / 500G traffic / 300Mbps bandwidth, $15 / year onwards, Turkey machine room

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Hostiger is also known as the previous Hostigger, Hostiger released the 2022 Black Friday promotions, the launch of a variety of VPS for special promotions, and the lowest annual payment of only $ 15, but currently, only the Istanbul, Turkey machine room, I do not know if there are other machine rooms launched, you need to pay attention to.

How about Hostiger? Hostiger is a foreign host established in 2015, but the official website of Hostiger to provide data services has been more than 25 years; I believe that Hostiger’s reputation can still be. The main business is to provide web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, etc. Data centres are mainly in Istanbul, Turkey, Chicago, France, Japan, etc. The merchant supports payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards.

Hostiger official website

Hostiger Black Friday Deals
CPU Memory Hard Disk Traffic Bandwidth IPv4 Price Buy
1 Core 1G 20GB SSD 500G/month 300Mbps 1 for $15/year Link
2 Core 2G 30GB SSD 1TB/month 300Mbps 1pc $25/year Link
1 Core 3G 40GB SSD 2TB/month 300Mbps 1pc $35/year Link
1 Core 4G 60GB SSD 3TB/month 300Mbps 1pc $45/year Link
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Kansas City:,

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