B2CHOST: France/Canada vps, 4 core/4GB RAM/250GB SSD/2TB traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, $3.98/month

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What about B2CHOST, B2CHOST Malaysian merchant, established in 2013, a regular company is providing web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, etc., where Linux VPS should be KVM, supporting CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and other systems. There is a 40% discount, and the configuration is doubled; it should be a French OVH machine.

B2CHOST official website.

VPS packages.
The server room can choose France or Canada.

CPU Memory SSD Traffic Bandwidth IP Price Buy
4 cores 4G 250G 2000G 1Gbps 1pc $3.98/month Link
6 core 8G 500G 3000G 1Gbps 1pc $8.38/month Link
8 Core 16G 800G 5000G 1Gbps 2pcs $12.38/month Link

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