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IOFLOOD: US Phoenix Server Room Dedicated Server, 2*E5-2680v2/64GB RAM/960GB-15.36TB NVME HDD/20TB Traffic/1Gbps-20Gbps Bandwidth from $94/month

IOFLOOD has released its latest promotion at WHT, with prices starting at $94/month for CPUs, including dual 10-core Xeon E5-2680v and dual 14-core Xeon E5-2680v4. The beastly 24-core 3rd generation Epyc 7743P, all servers are upgradeable with hard drives up to 15.36TB NVME SSDs, default offers 20TB/month of traffic, upgradeable to 1Gbps-20Gbps bandwidth unlimited traffic, can attach up to 61 IP, need to be surrounded.

How about IOFLOOD? IOFLOOD, a veteran US host founded in 2009, focused on providing dedicated servers, a data centre in Phoenix, good domestic speed, and support for Paypal payment.

IOFLOOD official website.

Server Package.
CPU Memory NVMe SSD Traffic Bandwidth IP Price Buy
Dual 10-core Xeon E5-2680v2 64GB DDR3 960GB upgradeable 20TB/month 1gbps 5 for $94/month Link
Dual 14-core E5-2680v4 64GB DDR4 960GB upgradable 20TB/month 10gbps 5 for $104/month Link
AMD Epyc 7443P 128GB DDR4 960GB upgradable 20TB/month 10gbps 5 for $354/month Link

Network test.
Download test:

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