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veesp: Russia St. Petersburg server room VPS, 1 core/1G memory/20GB hard disk/unlimited traffic/200Mbps bandwidth, $4.55/month onwards, Latvia server room also available

What about veesp? Veesp is a Russian hosting provider established in 2004, offering products including VPS and dedicated server rentals, etc., with data centers in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Riga, Latvia. The hosts offer VPS, based on KVM architecture, providing ipv4 core ipv6, and support rdns, support the installation of windows systems; the lowest models start at only $5 per month, offering a 91% discount, discounted from $4.55/month.

veesp Official website.

Promo Code.
F1XXASQ15NJX Linux VPS, 9.1% discount

VPS packages.
CPU memory hard disk traffic bandwidth price buy
1 core 1GB 20GB unlimited 200Mbps $5/month Link
1 core 2GB 40GB unlimited 200Mbps $10/month Link
2 Core 4GB 80GB Unlimited 200Mbps $20/month Link
4 Core 8GB 160GB Unlimited 200Mbps $40/month Link
6-core 16GB 320GB unlimited 200Mbps $80/month Link
8 Core 32GB 640GB Unlimited 200Mbps $160/month Link

Network Test.
Russia ipv4:
Latvia ipv4:
Russian server room Looking Glass:
Latvian server room Looking Glass:

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