ZoroCloud: New CN2 VPS in Japan, 68% off US/Hong Kong/Japan Triple Play CN2GIA/9929 Cloud Servers, 88% off Dedicated Services, suitable for website building/remote office/Chatgpt/Tiktok, from $33

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ZoroCloud Japan CN2 VPS is new; Japan VPS Telecom / Unicom is forced to go to the CN2GIA high-end line, direct mobile connection. The US Los Angeles VPS has free access to CERA 1200G high-security protection (50G per ip, multiple ip options available) and a mandatory CN2 GIA high-end line for the return trip; the Hong Kong VPS has dual CN2GIA and a required CN2GIA high-end network for the return trip; and cost-effective Los Angeles double and triple 9929 cloud servers.

ZoroCloud home, whether it is Los Angeles or Hong Kong / Japan VPS, are high-end, expensive lines; bandwidth is not degraded, and the evening peak guarantee is not congested! The full range of products, pure ip unlock chatbot, TikTok, etc., specially optimized for mainland China, suitable for building websites, telecommuting and many other high requirements! ZoroCloud payment method support: Alipay, WeChat, cloud server support 24 hours refund (no abuse case), unique service support test first and pay later!

Official website:

Promo Code:
68% off yearly discount code: 01year2023

78 off quarterly discount code: 01qua2023

88% off monthly discount code: 88m01

Enjoy on-demand, everyone.

Los Angeles, USA/Hong Kong/Japan CN2GIA Dedicated Servers
ZoroCloud’s regional dedicated servers come standard with CN2GIA high-end lines, with high and low configurations and exclusive bandwidth guarantees. Enjoy 12% off the monthly payment for the whole site: 88m01

packages CPU memory hard disk ipv4 bandwidth price buy
US-E3 E3V3 16G 480GSSD/1TSATA hard disk 3 IP 30M/50M/80M/100M 800RMB/month Link
US-E5 E5-2650 16G 480GSSD/1TSATA HDD 3 IP 30M/50M/80M/100M $1100/month Link
US-E5-2 E5-26502 32G 480GSSD/1TSATA HDD 3 IP 30M/50M/80M/100M RMB 1380/month Link HK-E3 E3-1225 16G 1T HDD 3 IP 20M/40M/60M/100M $800/month Link HK-E5 E5-2650L V2 32G 1T Hard Disk 3 IP 20M/40M/60M/100M RMB 1100/month Link HK-E5s E5-2650V22 64G 1T HDD 3 IP 20M/40M/60M/100M $1880/month Link
JP-E3 E3-1225 16G 1T HDD 3 IP 20M/40M/60M/100M $800/month Link
JP-E5 E5-2650L V2 16G 1T HDD 3 IP 20M/40M/60M/100M $1100/month Link
JP-E5s E5-2650V22 64G 1T HDD 3 IP 20M/40M/60M/100M RMB 1880/month Link JP-E5 Hosting E5-2650V22 256G 8*800 SSD 125ip 40M 6000RMB/month Link
Japan CN2GIA Cloud Server (New Product First Release)
68 off annual payment coupon code: 01year2023; 78 off quarterly payment coupon code: 01qua2023; (quarterly/yearly payment limited time offer); 88 off monthly payment: 88m01; if you need to customize the dedicated server, can consult customer service.

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