webhorizon: Japan ipv6 VPS, 1 core/768MB RAM/10G SSD/100GB traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, $12/year

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webhorizon currently has a pure IPv6 VPS located in Japan, 1 core/768MB memory/10G SSD/100GB traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, $12/year, need to look around.

webhorizon is good; how about webhorizon? WebHorizon, an Indian business established in 2020, is the leading web hosting and KVM VPS (available 20 IPv4 ports), and there is support for Paypal payment. Data centers are in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

webhorizon official website.

Japan ipv6 VPS package.
CPU: 1 core
Memory: 768MB
Hard disk: 10G SSD
Traffic: 100GB
Bandwidth: 1Gbps
Virtual Architecture: OpenVZ
IP: No IPv4 /64 IPv6
Price: $12/year
Purchase: Link

Test IP.

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