SummerDeals #HT-Hosting: 30% off sale, AMD Ryzen High-Performance VPS in Germany, three cores 6G RAM 100GB NVMe/3TB traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, from €3.50/month, free 800 Gbit/s DDOS protection

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HT-Hosting, a German merchant owned by Anders & Thesing GbR, was founded in 2018 and currently specializes in web hosting, KVM VPS (including AMD Ryzen and storage VPS, 10Gbps large bandwidth VPS), dedicated server rentals, etc. Paypal and Alipay payments are supported. The merchant is currently running a promotion, with 30% off its KVM VPS, free up to 800 Gbit/s DDOS protection and free automatic backup. All with 1Gbps bandwidth and NVMe hard drives. If you need it, you can keep an eye on it.

Official website
Discount Code
Permanent 30% off discount code: ht-sd-30
Event page:

VPS packages:
The first two models are AMD Ryzen processors; the others are AMD Epyc.

CPU Memory Space Traffic Price Buy
3 Core 6GB 100GB NVMe 3TB €5/month Link
8 Core 16GB 150GB NVMe 3TB €10/month Link
2 Core 4GB 30GB NVMe 1TB €12/half year Link
4 Core 8GB 75GB NVMe 1TB €4.49/month Link
6-core 16GB 150GB NVMe 2TB €8.49/month Link
8 Core 32GB 250GB NVMe 3TB €14.95/month Link
10 Core 48GB 300GB NVMe 4TB €19.95/month Link
12 Core 64GB 400GB NVMe 6TB €29.49/month Link

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