SpeedyPage: Singapore Ryzen 5950X vps, 1 core/1GB RAM/15GB NVMe HDD/2TB traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, from $3.86/month

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What about SpeedyPage Ltd, SpeedyPage Ltd, which is a company registered in England and Wales? VPS is the optional UK and the United States New York, and the addition of a Singapore server room, no wind control anti-fraud, submit an order without selecting the operating system, you need to choose to install the design after purchase, set SSH KEY. There is 1 free backup. Local G port, domestic direct connection speed pull down. The merchant supports Paypal and credit card payments.

SpeedyPage Singapore VPS added 1C1G low, monthly payment from $3.86, the last 10% discount promotion is still valid, the host is AMD Ryzen 5950X CPU, DDR4 memory and Samsung 980 Pro hard drive, free offsite backup every day, upstream data packet, Telstra Wholesale & Cogent, domestic direction mobile connection via NTT, good single-threaded speed. In short, more suitable for mobile users.

SpeedyPage official website https://speedypage.com

Coupon Code.
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Singapore VPS packages.
CPU Memory Hard Disk Traffic Bandwidth Price Buy
1 Core 1GB 15GB NVMe 2TB 1Gbps $4.29/month Link
1 Core 2GB 30GB NVMe 5TB 1Gbps $5.99/month Link
2-core 4GB 60GB NVMe 8TB 1Gbps $11.99/month Link
3 Core 6GB 90GB NVMe 10TB 1Gbps $15.49/month Link
4 Core 8GB 120GB NVMe 12TB 1Gbps $17.99/month Link
4 Core 10GB 150GB NVMe 14TB 1Gbps $23.99/month Link
5 Core 12GB 180GB NVMe 16TB 1Gbps $27.49/month Link

Network Test.
Singapore server room test IP:

1G download test: https://sg.lg.speedypage.com/1000MB.test

5G download test: https://sg.lg.speedypage.com/5000MB.test

Looking Glass: https://sg.lg.speedypage.com

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