ServerAstra: Budapest, Hungary server room VPS, 1 core/1GB RAM/20GB NVMe HDD/2TB traffic/10Gbps bandwidth, from €3.99/month

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What about ServerAstra? ServerAstra, a Hungarian host provider located in Budapest, mainly offers KVM VPS and dedicated servers. Their VPS will be limited to 10Mbps after reaching the traffic limit, equal to unlimited traffic. The host is located in Hungary; the network can. have a strong CPU configuration, AMD Epyc 7401 2.8 GHz, DDR4 memory, NVMe hard disk, excellent performance, and support IPv6, backup every seven days, support custom ISO.

Official website.

Budapest, Hungary server room VPS packages.

CPU memory hard disk bandwidth traffic IP price buy
1 core EPYC 1 GB ECC DDR4 20 GB NVMe 10 Gbps 2TB/month 1 IPv4+/64 ipv6 €3.99/month Link
2 core EPYC 2 GB ECC DDR4 50 GB NVMe 10 Gbps 6TB/month 1 IPv4+/64 ipv6 €9.99/month Link
4 Core EPYC 8 GB ECC DDR4 150 GB NVMe 10 Gbps 10TB/month 1 IPv4+/64 ipv6 €20.99/month Link
8-core EPYC 16 GB ECC DDR4 300 GB NVMe 10 Gbps 12TB/month 1 IPv4+/64 ipv6 €59.99/month Link
Network test.

Download test:

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