RepriseHosting: US Seattle server room, L5640/16G RAM/1TB HDD or 240G SSD HDD/10TB traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, $27.97/month

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RepriseHosting is currently offering special events for some of the dedicated servers, with discounts starting from as low as $27.97 per month; using the coupon code also free upgrade double memory and 1Gbps bandwidth; you can also currently get a free second 1TB disk, the server supports the installation of Linux or Windows operating system, including IPMI management system, the above configuration The order process choose to use HDD or SSD hard disk, do not need to select the bandwidth upgrade and the second disk, the use of coupon code orders merchants directly upgrade.

What about RepriseHosting, RepriseHosting (AS62838) dedicated server promotion continues; the business was founded in 2012, providing dedicated servers for rent and VPS hosting and other products, data centers in Seattle and Las Vegas, USA server room. The hosts are still offering deals for some of the Seattle server rooms, starting at a minimum of $27.97 per month, and in addition to price discounts, free memory and bandwidth upgrades with coupon codes, and also support the use of Alipay or PayPal, credit cards and other payment methods.

RepriseHosting official website.

Cheap server packages for Seattle, USA server room.
CPU memory hard disk traffic bandwidth ipv4 promo code price buy
Intel Xeon L5640 16GB (formerly 8GB) 1TB HDD or 240GB SSD 20TB/1Gbps (formerly 150Mbps) 2 x LETFREEHDD30 $27.97/month Link
2 x Intel Xeon L5640(12 cores 24 threads) 32GB(formerly 16GB) 1TB HDD or 240GB SSD 20TB/1Gbps(formerly 150Mbps) 4 x LETFREEHDD33 $32.97/month Link
2x Intel Xeon E5-2650L (16 cores 32 threads) 32GB (formerly 16GB) 1TB HDD or 240GB SSD 20TB/1Gbps (formerly 150Mbps) 4 LETFREEHDD35 $35.72/month Link
2x Intel Xeon E5-2650L v2 (20 cores 40 threads) 32GB (formerly 16GB) 1TB HDD or 240GB SSD 20TB/1Gbps (formerly 150Mbps) 4 LETFREEHDD35 $38.97/month Link

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