OneVPS: Hybrid Virtual Server, 4 Core/16G RAM/220G SSD Hard Drive/Unlimited Traffic/250Mbps Bandwidth, $61.75/Month, US/Japan Channels Available

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onevps not only sells VPS but also sells hybrid virtual servers, offering a 50% discount code for the first month, 4 core/16G RAM/220G SSD hard drive/unlimited traffic/250Mbps bandwidth, the lowest first month after the discount is only $47.50, hybrid virtual servers offer exclusive CPU, suitable for high demand, high traffic sites, offering bandwidth guarantee, base 250Mbps. It can burst up to 2Gbps bandwidth. The merchant’s member center has been turned on to prevent fraud; please do not use proxy addresses or false information to register. The need can be understood.

OneVPS is a company mainly selling overseas large bandwidth ports and high-traffic VPS products. Using KVM virtualization technology, memory hard disk OneVPS is suitable for national users with high traffic and increased bandwidth business needs. The main business for the sale of KVM architecture VPS products, there are six data centers in the United States New York, London, England, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Zurich, Switzerland, Tokyo, Japan, Singapore can choose, simplified Chinese language, merchants support Alipay, PayPal, credit cards, product advantages are KVM architecture, pure SSD hard disk, 1Gbps bandwidth port unlimited traffic, and Windows systems are available.

Official website.

Promo Code.
HYBRIDWELCOME 65% off the first month of Hybrid Virtual Server

Hybrid virtual server package.
The server room can choose USA/Japan.

Package CPU memory SSD IP base bandwidth burst bandwidth price Buy
Standard 4 cores 16G 220GB 1-16 250 Mbits 2Gbps $61.75 first month, $95/month renewal link
Advanced 6-core 32G 450GB 1-32 300 Mbits 2Gbps $97.50 first month, $150/month renewal Link
Professional 8 Core 64G 900GB 1-64 350 Mbits 2Gbps $152.75 first month, $235/month renewal link

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