OHOST Activity Offer: Bulgaria VPS, Sofia machine room, 1 core/2G RAM/10G SSD hard disk/unlimited traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, monthly payment $2.8

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BG, OHOST.BG was established in 2019 foreign hosting business, the company operates, the business mainly provides web hosting, game hosting, VPS and other services, and a server room in Sofia, Bulgaria, the advantage is to give to 10Gbps bandwidth, and unlimited traffic, the current business has 30% discount, the discount down to a relatively low price, if used to run data. It is still relatively good, the merchant supports Paypal and credit card payment!

Official website.

Promo Code.
30% off discount code: back2school (permanent discount)

VPS Package.
Bulgaria Sofia location, Intel Xeon E5-2697, SSD hard drive, 1Gbps bandwidth, unlimited traffic

Memory CPU Hard Drive Price Buy
2G 1 Core 10GB $4.57/month Link
4GG 2-core 40GB $9.51/month Link
6G 3-core 80b $13.65/month Link
8G 4-core 60Gb $17.81/month Link

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