LiteServer 15th Anniversary: Dutch VPS, 15% off sitewide, 2 core/2G RAM/40G NVMe HDD/15T traffic/1Gbps bandwidth, from €5.1/month

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Now is the 15th anniversary of the stable operation of the LiteServer node, and the business is engaged in promotional activities: Dutch VPS full 8% discount cycle discount, renewal does not increase the price! €5.1/month, 2G memory/2 cores/40gNVMe/15T traffic @ 1Gbps bandwidth, comes with 1 IPv4+/64 IPv6.

How about LiteServer, LiteServer OK, LiteServer, a Dutch hosting provider established in 2007, has its own AS (AS60404), has different packages of VPS with high capacity, high traffic, large hard drives, etc., and supports Paypal payments.

LiteServer official website.

Promo Code.
15% off recurring discount code: 15YEARS

Discount Package.

15% off periodic coupon code: 15YEARS

CPU Memory Hard Disk Monthly Traffic Port Price Link
2 Core 2GB 40GB NVME 10TB 1Gbps €6/month Direct
4 Core 4GB 80GB NVME 15TB 1Gbps €12/month Direct
4 Core 8GB 160GB NVME 20TB 1Gbps €24/month Direct
6 Core 16GB 320GB NVME 25TB 1Gbps €48/month Direct
8 Core 24GB 480GB NVME 30TB 1Gbps €72/month Direct
12 Core 32GB 640GB NVME 35TB 1Gbps €96/month Direct
16-core 48GB 960GB NVME 40TB 1Gbps €144/month Direct
20 Core 64GB 1280GB NVME 45TB 2Gbps €192/month Direct

HDD Hard Drive KVM VPS
15% off recurring discount code: 15YEARS

CPU Memory Hard Drive Monthly Traffic Port Price Link
1 Core 1GB 512GB 10TB 1Gbps €6/month Direct
1 Core 2GB 1TB 15TB 1Gbps €12/month Direct
2 Core 3GB 1.5TB 20TB 1Gbps €18/month Direct
2 Core 4GB 2TB 25TB 1Gbps €24/month Direct
2 Core 6GB 3TB 30TB 1Gbps €36/month Direct
4 Core 8GB 4TB 35TB 1Gbps €48/month Direct
4 Core 12GB 6TB 40TB 1Gbps €72/month Direct
4 Core 16GB 8TB 45TB 2Gbps €96/month Direct

Test IP.
Download test:

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